We stop players on your server from cheating

"I wanted to create something thats affordable and adheres to everyones budget. In the current market there are almost no other anticheat providing the same level of detections as Karhu, under 60€" - Johannes

We are experienced anti-cheat developers

Karhu has powerful and comprehensive checks. It can check almost all cheats that can affect the fairness of the server, such as KillAura or Speed, all of which are done automatically. You can customize the visual look in the configuration file, or customize the penalty command. We also take feedback seriously, unlike many other Minecraft anticheats! Karhu might be your best choice as a Minecraft server anticheat plugin!

Fast support

Join our Discord and you dont need to wait for support!

Constant updates

Update cycle is faster than your
dad in bed!

Fair pricepoint

You dont need to empty your wallet when buying Karhu!

Want to test Karhu?

We have a test server, so you dont have to buy pig in a poke! Feel free to book testing session in our Discord and get in touch with Karhu <3

Join our community Discord

Here you can find support channels, general anticheat discussion, giveaways and much more! You should definitely join to our awesome community!

Start using Karhu AntiCheat

Karhu provides different versions for different users, you can choose according to your needs!
Lite-version is completely free Minecraft anticheat, but our Premium is the must have version
for any bigger servers!


For small servers

    Entry-level checks for free


    Possible bypasses & flaws

    Slow update-cycle

    Total of 6 checks

    Detects most common hacks



For bigger networks

    Total of 64 checks

    Advanced checks

    Quick update cycle

    High customizability

    Version support from 1.7.10 to 1.16.3

    Blazing fast customer support