Karhu Anticheat

An advanced Minecraft anticheat solution for your server

Lightweight, customizable and reliable Minecraft anticheat solution for 1.8-1.18. Karhu detects large variety of cheats including killaura, reach, speed and much more! Test Karhu on our server test.karhu.ac or buy the trial package to test on your own server!

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What do we offer for you?

Karhu team wants to offer you the best anticheat experience for low pricing, it all started from a network that didn't want to pay too much for an anticheat.

Advanced checks

Our checks try to simulate Minecraft game actions, with simplier code. Movement checks are not 1:1 accurate, but we aim for still good accuracy.

Fast support

Our support team is fast, and will be pleased to answer your questions on our Discord.


We aim to leave minimal mark of usage on the main thread. Same thing also on our own threads. Karhu shouldn't affect your server's performance.

Ghost detections

Karhu is very good at detecting ghost cheaters. Picking up 3.01 reach and 99.99% horizontal & vertical velocity.


Karhu offers you a great amount of customization, wether it be the anticheat name or changing messages.

Packet based

Unlike some other anticheats on the market, we track actions with packets and not with spigot api or bukkit events.

Our pricing

We have highly competitive pricing compared to some other anticheats.

Ready to stop cheaters?

We want to offer you a cheap and reliable way to stop cheaters ruining your players experience.

Your players can feel better when they know that other players are not cheating either.

Still unsure? Purchase trial first!



7 days plan

Plan includes:

Way to test Karhu on your own server without paying full price

Same premium experince for limited time with only 5€

Looking for a download link?
Join to our Discord-server!



Lifetime plan

Plan includes:

Total of 100+ checks

Prioritised support

High customizability

Constant updates