We have over 100 checks to detect large variety of cheats

Karhu has checks for almost every type of cheat. It offers a range of detections and features that vary from highly accurate 3.01 reach and velocity detection to unbypassable blatant checks such as speed, fly, timer, and more with minimal impact on server performance! Check out our configs to see how Karhu works.

Our features

Here is list of all our checks. Check out our configs above for more specific features.


Autoclicker (x17)

Checks for basic mistakes in clickers + bad randomization.

Velocity (x2)

99.99% horizontal & vertical velocity detection.

Reach (x1)

Detects hits above client range (3.0).

AimAssist (x12)

Very basic checks to detect some bad aimassist.

Killaura (x13)

Checks detect autoblock, packet order and keepsprint.

Hitbox (x1)

Detects any expansion of hitbox.

Analysis (x5)

Heuristical analysis to detect some of the more advanced killauras, can still be bypassed by many clients with right settings.


Fly (x6)

Detects most fly hacks by checking if their movement follows game gravity formula.

Motion (x8)

Detects y-axis modifications in different scenarios.

Speed (x3)

Detect almost any movement that doesn't follow game x & z movement.

Omnisprint (x1)

Detects running backwards with sprint.

Inventory (x3)

Detects clicking inventory while moving.

VehicleFly (x1)

Detects flying with vehicles.

Jesus (x2)

Very basic checks that detect liquidwalking.

Step (x1)

Detects stepping over game limit (0.6).


BadPackets (x18)

Detects impossible packets that are caused by hacked client code issues.

Timer (x3)

Detects game tick speed modification quickly.

Ping (x1)

Detects pingspoofing, altought it is already detected by flagging nearly all movement checks, reach and hitbox because of lag compensation.


Ground (x3)

Detects fall damage preventing.

Scaffold (x18)

Detects blatant scaffolds. God bridge style legit scaffolds still bypass this if done correctly.

NoLookBreak (x1)

Detects breaking block without looking at it.

BlockReach (x1)

Detects breaking block too far away.

FastBreak (x3)

Detects breaking faster than the client can.

GhostBreak (x1)

Detects breaking through blocks.